The magic of Elkhorn!  Parenting in this generation, I was always convinced that the more time I spent with my kids, the more confident they would become.  I may have been wrong.  At the Elkhorn, you ride together with your children and you also let them go.  The wonderful “Peanut Butter Mothers” take them off on adventures while you have a few of your own!  To sit by the campfire at the end of the day and watch them beam with confidence as they tell you all about building forts in the woods and searching for fossils ~ well, it’s magical! – J.C.

Wow. At first, we were feeling skeptical. But when we got into the groove of riding horses, it was amazing! Great food, friendly staff, wonderful horses, basically all you could ask from a ranch. Loved getting up and thinking “today, I’m going to ride a horse!”. We made lots of friends. All in all, we LOVED Elkhorn. I hope we come back soon!

-Sam and Will Nichols USA

Sue’s been here before, me, NOT.  Wow! what a great place.  You have to step up and do what you can do and the wranglers are always there to make sure you can, which, by the way, you can!

I wish I had a camp like this when I was a teen.  Confidence is all!

Thank you Caleb, Brandon, Jeremy, Casey, Linda, Jim, Mike, et, al.
Butch Worsh USA

As a 14 year old girl I stayed at Elkhorn Ranch with my family. We were an English family living in the States due to my father’s work (we lived in Maryland).  Elkhorn Ranch is one of my most memorable holidays. I was an avid rider from a young age and had been riding English saddle – the first time I rode Western saddle (at Elkhorn Ranch) was a day I will never forget – the freedom and comfort compounded by the incredible rides through the mountains.  I still have the photographs and pressed flowers in a frame which my mother picked and pressed – it was heaven on earth and I hope one day I will return.  It sounds as wonderful now as it was then – simple, healthy outdoor fun! (As a 14 year old girl I loved the cowboys as well)! The fact that the ranch is still working is a testament to have fantastic it was then and is now!  -Caroline USA