Avid Rider's Week At The Elkhorn


Sunday, August 28 - Saturday, September 3, 2022

Elkhorn Ranch’s tradition of equestrian adventure began 99-years-ago in 1922. Bordering Yellowstone National Park, the history of Elkhorn’s riding program runs deep, and the backcountry is where it starts. This Fall, we are hosting an Avid Rider's week, where we are rounding up experienced riders of varying disciplines to come together and explore over one million acres of National Forest, USFS Wilderness, and Yellowstone National Park. The goal of this week is to go far, not fast. Every day there will be groups that will hit the trails in every direction based on desired time in the saddle and comfort level. We will be racking up the mileage this week and working our way into the backcountry for mountaintop vistas that not many can get to. 

Must be willing to ride on rocky and steep terrain, as well as comfortable with walk, trot, and canter. Our horses are well-mannered, athletic, and smart mountain horses, if you trust them, they will take you wherever you aim to go. 

The goal of our Avid Rider's Week is to go far, not fast. We view this week as an opportunity to round up equestrians from various disciplines and backgrounds to spend a week exploring, growing, and challenging ourselves as riders.

  • Explore Yellowstone country on horseback
  • Connect and gain confidence with a new horse
  • Meet other riders from around the world
  • Learn about ranch culture and mountain riding
  • Rack up miles in the saddle
  • Situational approaches to safely riding on trails

Avid Rider's Gallery


2022 is currently book, but we are taking names for a waitlist


For more information or to reserve your spot, please call Kt at (406) 995-4291 or email [email protected]. Rates start at $3,600 per rider, with group discount rates for three or more riders. Rates include all meals, cabin lodging, and all on-ranch activities.

Hope to see you in the fall!

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