A Yoga Retreat Unlike Any Other

Tammy Pate Horsemanship and Yoga Retreat

Fall 2021

About Tammy Pate

Tammy Pate was literally raised on horseback. Born into a ranching family in Montana, her father was a rodeo steer wrestler who spent his free time teaching Tammy and her sisters all he knew about horsemanship and riding. Her grandmother, Betty, instilled in her the deep values of the ranching life: a reverence for nature and the practical skills ranching families needed for the demands of their rural life.

She married her husband, Curt Pate, who was then a rodeo announcer and followed him into the demanding life of managing a cow camp.

Together they developed innovative, gentle ways of training horses and managing livestock. During this time, she raised her own children, literally, in the saddle, carrying them with her on horseback to work with Curt on the ranch.

These rich experiences, along with a growing interest in the benefits of Yoga on the equestrian body, have led Tammy to share horsemanship knowledge.

The all-inclusive rate for this special event is $3,170.  It includes lodging, meals, a horse of your own for the duration.

Tammy's Horsemanship and Yoga retreats are designed to bring awareness of mental and physical balance, gain confidence and above all, improve communication through timing, balance and feel with your horse.

  • How to increase your Inner Balance through a personal yoga practice
  • How to be in the proper frame of mind before interacting with your horse
  • How to develop feel with your horse through timing and balance
  • Practice groundwork that relates to riding
  • The behavioral aspects of horses
  • Ranch culture
  • Situational approaches to safely riding on trails
  • How to gain confidence while pushing the edge of your comfort zone

Horsemanship And Yoga Gallery

This retreat is designed to help develop a stronger horse and human partnership. The emphasis is on building and refining the skills needed to advance riders toward their goals, whether on a ranch, on the trail, or in the show ring. Riders of all levels and disciplines will benefit from the insights and deep understanding of horses.

Whether you have been riding all of your life, or you have always wanted to ride, this retreat will give you the guidance, support, and confidence to maximize your riding experience.

Set in the remote Upper Gallatin Canyon of Montana, Elkhorn is also a perfect spot to reconnect with family and friends in the unspoiled outdoors.

Tammy’s thoughts on Ranch Horses

The Ranch Horse is the Ultimate Balanced Horse in my opinion.
Everything required of the ranch horse to do his job is the definition of yoga. He is balanced mentally and physically, he is aware of everything around him while still focusing on his job. He is safe and confident.

For more information or to reserve your spot, please call Linda at (406) 995-4291 or email [email protected].
Hope to see you in the fall!

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