Rides lunch spot (2)Meal times at Elkhorn are always an enjoyable part of the day, filled with lively conversation and laughter.  The young eat together at one end of the lodgepole dining hall, where the Peanut Butter Mothers keep things running smoothly.  Adults usually sit with other adults, both friends and family, as they wish.

You might guess that ranch meals served in a lodgepole dining hall filled with hungry guests would be hearty.  Well, you would be half right.  The truth is, Elkhorn takes great pride in serving healthy recipes as well as hearty food.  Dining options are prepared by our professional chef and served buffet style.  With daily variety, some ranch specialties, and always fresh ingredients, we think you will be impressed with our version of Western cooking.Cookout at Elkhorn Ranch Montana

Breakfasts are a nice reward for answering the morning bell: eggs, bacon and sausage, pancakes, fresh fruit, cereals, juices and homemade breakfast breads.  There are lunches on the trail with hearty sandwiches, fresh fruit and homemade cookies or, other times, back at the ranch there will be a varied buffet filled with inviting dishes.  With a bit of notice, our kitchen crew can also fix a box lunch if you are off on a fishing adventure, headed to Yellowstone National Park or exploring the area.

Served in the lodge or trailside, Elkhorn dinners are not just delicious, but restorative after your day outdoors.  Steak, fish, pork or chicken, seasonal vegetables, salads, homemade breads and deserts are sure to hit the spot.  Remember you are on vacation and can definitely indulge in dessert!  There is also a bottomless cookie jar for those that need a snack between meals.

Although we find that the variety we serve suits most, with a bit of advance notice most special diets and preferences can be accommodated as can special occasions.  Just let us know before your arrival.


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