Children ready to horseback ride at Elkhorn RanchChildren of all ages are very special at Elkhorn.

Children thrive here, enjoying their independence while under the watchful eye of the Peanut Butter Mothers or the Jet wrangler.  With a combination of family and individual activities, it will ultimately be a vacation of shared experiences and wonderful memories for everyone.

Peanuts – ages 6 to 12 – usually ride together, play together, and eat in the dining hall together.  The Peanut Butter Mothers preside over meals, watch over the young playing, organize games and lead the Peanut rides.

Bonfire at Elkhorn RanchThe Peanut Butter Mothers’ leadership from breakfast until 8:30 pm gives parents and their younger children the freedom to be together or apart as much as they wish.

Jets – teenagers – usually choose to ride, eat and travel together.  Of course, if an older teenager prefers to be with adults, that’s okay too.

When not riding, children can usually be found playing around the Rec Hall and pond.  Hearing laughter and shouts of glee are an integral part of the Elkhorn culture.

Kids learn to care for their horses at Elkhorn RanchWe hope parents and grandparents will have a real vacation at the Elkhorn, as well as a good time enjoying the West with their children.  Intimate cabin living, the Monday night bonfire, Sunday and Wednesday area excursions, and the Saturday night square dance are especially nice family times.

“Our son had a sense of freedom, a sense of ownership, a sense of self that I can honestly say I had not seen before.” N.W.