Things to do at Elkhorn Ranch Montana

Horseback riding at Elkhorn Ranch MontanaIt is a huge part of our tradition to share our stunning corner of the Rockies we call home with people while riding a good horse.  However, hiking and walking through flower filled meadows and up mountain trails is another great way to take advantage of this unique landscape.  For fishermen the local blue ribbon rivers offer hours of sport.  Venturing off the ranch will take you into neighboring Yellowstone National Park or up the road to white water rafting and the resort area of Big Sky.  A peaceful afternoon on your porch reading while the kids are off riding, rafting on the pond or playing a ball game is perhaps one of the most cherished activities!

Some evenings feature traditional ranch activities – cookouts, bonfires, and the Saturday night square dance.  On other evenings you may find a walk to the gate, games in your cabin, stargazing on your porch or a good soak in the tub and an early night to be just what you want.  At the Rec Hall you will not only usually find the Peanuts but also volley ball, badminton, horseshoes, ping pong and an assortment of  board games that all ages will enjoy.

Weary Prenuts   Elkhorn Ranch Peanuts cool off at the pond  Square dance (3)