Great Testimonials from the Ranch

"Best vacation ever!

"Fantastic setting, great people and guests, and wonderful horses and cabins.

"Great place to get away from it all.

"Food was amazing. Linda and the team were brilliant with looking after different riders skill levels for the daily rides. We will be back!"

"Family camp meets Wild West

"Elkhorn Ranch was founded in 1922, and in the last 96 years they've learned quite a bit about how to create a great family experience.

"The ranch has a recommended structure, full-day rides on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; breakfast on the trail on Wednesdays; dinner on the trail on Thursdays" - Read More on TripAdvisor

"We keep coming back

"The perfect family vacation where parents and children go their separate horseback ways and return at mealtime to share their experience.

"A great string of horses and wranglers, along with some of the most spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery, make this place special. Lots of great memories are made here."

"Seven times in nine years - what can I say that is more positive than that?

"What an amazing and authentic place offering a fantastic vacation catering to riders of all ages and abilities.

"We have found a multigenerational community and when we arrive feel as though we are at home." - Read More on TripAdvisor

"Perfect mix for our family

"We gathered as an extended family for one if the most memorable, fun, and exciting weeks ever. This ranch has been running for many many years and they are such experts in making sure that all ages, abilities, and interests are accommodated.

"The trail rides and wranglers who lead them are second-to-none and we were lucky enough to see elk, mountain goats, grizzly bears, owl, and an eagle on just one of our rides." - Read More on TripAdvisor

"Best Family Vacation Ever

"I can not say enough about how fantastic this place is and how wonderful our experience was! Linda matched everyone, not only in our family, but in the whole group with a great horse.

"There were riders varying in range from the very INexperienced (and slightly afraid of riding) to those who ride every day.

"The cabins were cozy and clean and I loved that our wood stove was quietly lit every morning to take the chill out of the August air." - Read More on TripAdvisor

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